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Effective and Medicated – Amosan Oral Wound Cleanser is a medicated oral rinse for minor irritations and inflammation of the mouth and gums. For more than 75 years, the active ingredient in Amosan, has been trusted by consumers, dentists, doctors and pharmacists as the go to product for minor oral wounds and irritations.

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Amosan is an oral antiseptic rinse. In 2014, Vintage Brands Limited began manufacturing and selling an oral antiseptic rinse containing 68.635% (w/w) Sodium Perborate under the Amosan brand name. Until 2010, Amosan was an oral wound cleanser manufactured in Belgium and sold under the Oral-B brand, belonging to Procter & Gamble after its recent acquisition of Gillette …

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This symptom may last as long as eight weeks. In order to relieve it, you can try a soothing rinse called Life Brand Oral Wound Cleanser, which is made in Canada (this is a generic replacement for a discontinued brand I used to recommend, called Amosan). Other Side Effects