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Eyeless Jack/Reader - Works | Archive Of Our Own

It’s a polyam situation, y/n x Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, and Jeff the Killer. There are other characters mentioned but that’s the main pairing!! I don’t own any of these characters, and I’ll try to follow the Canon stories of them but they’ll have more fanon personalities.

Date Night With Eyeless Jack By Akemi -

A short dating sim based on the Creepypasta character Eyeless Jack. A short dating sim based on the Creepypasta character Eyeless Jack. Available for Windows, macOS, Linux ... Aww, this game was really cute (as long as you choose the cutsie actions, i couldn't be mean to him though), it was... strangely adorable lmao.

Cute Harry Potter - Works | Archive Of Our Own

Cute Harry Potter; eyeless Jack is the only functioning adult; Character Death; Summary. At age six Harry’s mind Snaps. While he is in the middle of killing his abusers Jeff stumbles upon him. Deciding that he may be a creepy pasta he takes him slenders mansion in the woods.

Top 10 Scariest Creepypasta Characters - TheTopTens

3 Eyeless Jack. Eyeless Jack truly is my favorite, even though I do like Jeff... I had to vote for Jack cause, you guys have to admit, Jack is better than Jeffery ever will be. ... Laughing Jack is so cute he wears black and white, eyes definitely so flipping hawt :D and also he kinda reminds me of Ryuk from death note...Ryuk is tall and Jack ...

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YaNSimSkins DeviantArt Gallery

Yandere Simulator Skin : Eyeless Jack Patatita123 21 1 Halloween Skin yandereskins050802 48 11 YanSim Witch Skin avenger139 19 2 Zombie Ayano Skin(With Download) sassy-storm 14 3 Yandere Simulator Skin : Jane The Killer Patatita123 29 3

The Walten Files (Web Animation) - TV Tropes

The Walten Files is an Analog Horror series of "found footage" videos made by Martin Walls. Similar to channels like Squimpus McGrimpus, it's inspired by Five Nights at Freddy's.However, it makes itself distinct from other series similar to it because it takes place in an alternate continuity with original characters and locations, and it uses a 2D animated art style.

Ben Drowned X Reader Fluff -

Ben drowned x reader fluff. Ben drowned x reader fluff

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Combine a bag of beans, a mophead, and a ping-pong ball to create an amusing eyeless gnome. Get tutorial here. ... Stick maple leaf vinyl cutouts to your candles for a quick way to add a cute seasonal touch to your decor. ... This upcycled medicine bottle jack-o’-lantern. Turn a medicine bottle into the most adorable jack-o’-lantern with a ...

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Jun 17, 2019  · Just For Fun Scp Horror Scp 999 Tickle Monster Cute ... Scp Foundation Creepypasta Our favorite tickle monster, he's lovable, relatable and most importantly, he brings joy to those around him.