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Construye T

Construye T es un programa del Gobierno Mexicano, diseñado e implementado a través de la Subsecretaría de Educación Media Superior (SEMS), en colaboración con el Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD) que se dirige a directores, docentes y estudiantes de planteles públicos federales y estatales del nivel medio superior, tanto rurales como urbanos, …

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El profesor de psicología social Tomás Morales impartirá una clase que sus alumnos nunca olvidarán. La psicología es una mera excusa para plantear algunas id...

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If you don't like a piece you can delete it by putting it in the dumper truck in the right corner. You can delete your whole town by clicking the 'Delete all' button. Click 'Save & send' to send your unique city to your friends.


Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories. You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production, and fighting enemies.

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Don’t Forget: Cytoplasm Cell Membrane. Cell s) s. Cell y. Cell e. Plant Cell Instructions: Color all organelles different colors, cut them out, glue them into your cell, and label them with the correct organelle name. s s) Nucleus Nucleolus Endoplasmic Reticulum (Smooth & Rough) Vacuoel Chloroplast Mitochondria Ribosomes

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DragDropr is a visual content builder which integrates in your CMS. The drag & drop functionality lets you create, edit and design the content for your website (WordPress, TYPO3) webshop (Shopify, Magento, Lightspeed) or any other web content by simply dragging and dropping.

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A national myth is an inspiring narrative or anecdote about a nation's past. Such myths often serve as an important national symbol and affirm a set of national values.A national myth may sometimes take the form of a national epic or be incorporated into a civil religion.A group of related myths about a nation may be referred to as the national mythos, from μῦθος, the …

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KABOOM! is a national nonprofit that works to achieve playspace equity. Kids who don't have access to play miss out on childhood and are denied critical opportunities to build physical, social and emotional health. We team up with communities to build incredible playspaces that help give every kid the opportunity to thrive.


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