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5.0 out of 5 stars BLoves Smackalicious Sauce Seasoning Mix is Deliciousness In A Pack!!! By Absolute Venus on September 11, 2019 This sauce mix definitely does NOT disappoint! Sooooo flavorful, and with the additional ingredients that the package suggests, it really rounds it out. I enjoyed making the sauce and have enough for many seafood ... : Blove's Smackalicious Sauce Seasoning Mix ...

Seen bloves videos for a while now got it today, and cooked everything all day for my little mukbang, made the sauce exactly what package says. Very thick paste and oil mix was the end result, tried it and it alot of flavors took over mainly the oregano.

Blove’s Sauce (Homemade Blove Smackalicious Sauce Recipe)

Mar 25, 2021  · Blove’s Sauce is a seafood sauce seasoning mix that’s loaded with spices. It’s invented by a Youtuber Blove, known for doing Mukbang – videos where creators eat large amounts of food with a live audience. The sauce soon became so popular that it’s selling on Amazon as Bloves Smackalicious Sauce (mild or spicy).

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Anyway, one of Blove’s most iconic claims to fame was her Smackalicious seafood sauce. That quickly gained traction and resonated with her online followers . Blove says that the fame she got was unprecedented, and it started with a small YouTube channel in 2017, which blew up into the community that we know today.